Portrait of a Woman with a Mirror

Titian, around 1515
Musée du Louvre

The Woman with a Mirror was painted by Titian in oil on canvas around 1515. It is one of the masterpieces from the youth of the painter, which forms a part of the output of Venetian art of portraits of women depicting idealised beauty. The young woman is shown, bare-shouldered, brushing her hair in the privacy of dressing herself. She is an anonymous beauty, whose sensuality is on display to the man who accompanies her as well as to the viewer.

By placing the young woman between two mirrors, Titian follows in the footsteps of Giorgione and resumed the debate on the comparison between painting and sculpture. Through the convex mirror, the painter allows the viewer to admire at the same time both the room in which the woman finds herself and the back of the woman; and like with a statue, to see her from several points of view around her.

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